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An anchor in a new era

At TALARIA, our mission is to push legal cannabis to new heights.  We provide secure logistics that allows our partners to operate reliably and efficiently to scale.  Our esteemed team, all retired police and military veterans, have the same vision and values of our company. We are excited to simplify transportation for our partners through our logistics platform as our industry booms!


TALARIA offers a wide range of brands and products to stock your shelves and help your existing suppliers continue providing you with products via a compliant distribution path.

Grower Processors

TALARIA offers compliant transport services to manufacturers or retailers anywhere in the state. As a transporter, we also fulfill all mandated track & trace.

A Partnership Based on Trust
We are committed to transport health and wellness across your commonwealth.

Services for a growing industry

Providing our customers with the best quality and service level on each delivery.


Transport raw material or finished product anywhere in your state.


Leverage a secure network to collect and transport payments and deposits.

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